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IE Multiple Submit Buttons Bug

I ran into a nasty bug recently that was totally unexpected. I had a form that needed to be submitted to multiple possible locations such as submit item and save draft. I am trying to chill on JQuery overuse lately so I Googled a solution for this. Turns out I'm in luck! You can have multiple submit buttons with the same name but different values. Whichever one you click will be submitted, while the other won't. Yay!

So I thought.


Getting CIUnit To Work With Sparks

I recently got bit by the Sparks bug again. If you don't know, Sparks is like CodeIgniter's version of Ruby Gems. It's a command-line-based package manager that lets you install stuff for CodeIgniter quickly and keep it up-to-date. It's a great idea and I want to port my libraries over to this system.

So I thought I'd try to get Kenji's CIUnit working with Sparks. His wiki says to just change one line in MY_Loader.php (which is created by Sparks) and you're good to go. I found this to not be the case, so I did a little digging. Here's what you need to do to get them to play nice together.