Hi, I'm Mike. I'm a web developer. This is my story.

My Note-Taking System

I was using xolox/vim-notes for a while, but I didn’t like their format. I also disliked that you couldn’t put anything in folders, and that their markdown support was sketchy. So I switched to vimwiki. I didn’t like that either - there’s no automatic index, it clobbers my markdown syntax plugin in a way that screws up regular markdown files, and really it barely provided any helpful tools for regular notes except for enter to link a word. What I really needed was notes with tags, being able to browse tags, and fuzzy search notes, contents, and tags. I also needed to encrypt my notes and sync them in some way. I had been using a private git repo for this but I was looking for something more robust.

For this I have settled on Joplin.

Joplin Joplin in action

It has an awesome 3-paned layout to browse and preview notes, tags, and search results. Enter opens a note in vim. It all gets saved to a sqlite db file, which I then encrypt easily with yadm using gpg encryption. You can also sync with dropbox, box.net, onedrive, etc. Joplin also has desktop and mobile clients, which was a pain for me to access before. I’m much happier with this than the other solutions I’ve used. I love that it stays in the terminal and still lets me use vim to edit my notes. I can also preview notes as html - I just use a chrome extension for this: Markdown Preview Plus. I open the file in the browser and done. It auto-refreshes too.

Some more cool features:

The only problems I have with it are:

These are not really critical issues - Joplin is still far better than my previous approaches. Check it out!

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